Digital Juice T-Bar Handle for Orbit Dolly

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Digital Juice T-Bar Handle for Orbit Dolly

The T-Bar handle kit for the Orbit Dolly gives you even more control. If provides you with remote push and pull control over the motion of the dolly which results in a much better, more stable shot. The T-Bar handle offers a smoother movement because your hand shake is dampened by both the rubber handle grip and by the fact that your hand is no longer directly touching the tripod.

The T-Bar handle is 44" with extension rod giving you just enough distance from the dolly to confidently guide it whilst staying out of the way. In tabletop mode, using the base 24" handle you can keep from casting a shadow on your subject whilst still easily guiding your camera for that closeup shot. When using telephoto lenses, vibration reduction is especially important and getting one step further away from the camera and tripod using the T-Bar handle can help.

Key Features:
Reduced Vibration: The main advantage to using the T-Bar handle on your Orbit Dolly is to reduce the vibration and jarring that can translate to the camera (and your shot) when you guide the dolly with your hand on the mounted tripod or camera support. Taking your hands one step further away is especially important when using a telephoto lens.
Improved Maneuvrability and Control: Adding the T-Bar handle to the Orbit Dolly lets you get out of the way of the action. You can more accurately position the dolly and avoid tripping over its legs when you are guiding it from the end of the 44" handle. You can also more easily avoid casting your shadow on the subject in dramatic lighting environments.
Dual Anchor Points: You can choose to attach the T-Bar handle either to the center plate of the Orbit Dolly using the provided mounting hardware or to the anchor point on one of the 3 legs. This is especially useful when the center plate is in use for camera attachment (in tabletop mode for example).
Modular Construction: You can use the T-Bar at two lengths -- use just the 24" T-Bar handle attached to your dolly when you need to be closer to the action (when using tabletop mode for example) or add the 20" extension rod to stay further away from the dolly and take a backseat view of the action. You also use the same clevis mounting bracket at either anchor point so there is no extra hardware to cart around.
Easy to Assemble: Attaching the T-Bar handle to the Orbit Dolly is a no-tools-required operation. All of the knobs, bolts and screws provided have been designed oversize with easy grip rubber casing or knurled textured grips to make attachment and detachment quick, fumble-free and easy.

What's Included -
T-Bar handle with soft rubber textured grip
20" extension rod
Clevis attachment assembly (includes metal fork, 2-part easy grip rubber connecting knobs, knurled grip metal bolt and nylon washers which allow for some swivel action)
Center plate attachment assembly (including required screw knob)

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Modular Construction
  • Improved Maneuvrability and Control

T-Bar Specifications -

Weight: 4.15 lbs/1.88 kg (full kit)
Rod Dimensions: 7/8"/22.23mm
Length: 4"/ 1118 mm (full T-Bar handle with extension and clevis attachment assembly)
24"/610 mm (main T-Bar rod with clevis attachment assembly)
20"/508 mm (T-Bar extension rod)
T-Bar Handle Width: 10"/254 mm
Materials: 1/2 inch aluminum plate (series 6061) with industrial matte black powder coating for all metal parts; soft touch rubber connecting knobs and nylon washers on clevis attachment assembly; textured rubber grip covers on T-Bar handle