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Environmental Policy

At ProAV we have three streams of waste - General Waste, Dry Mixed Recycling, and dedicated Cardboard Recycling (we handle a lot of boxes!). Our waste contractor operates a Zero Waste to Landfill Policy, so nothing from our Hemel HQ goes to waste or sits on a landfill site. If you’re interested, the below video demonstrates how our General Waste is turned into energy

We are using as many recyclable materials as possible for safely wrapping products for deliveries. Our warehouse team utilise our cardboard shredder to create packaging from old boxes that are unsuitable for boxing up new deliveries. Any excess cardboard that cannot be shredded or reused is put into our dedicated cardboard recycling bin. We reuse packaging from manufacturers and distributors to give as much life as possible to all forms of packaging sent to us. We use recyclable jiffy bags; paper bubble wrap for smaller products; biodegradable bubble wrap for larger packages; and are transitioning from PVC tape to Paper tape. We bulk order pre-used cardboard boxes when we need additional boxes also, saving the need for new cardboard to be created. Our goal is to reuse as much material as possible whilst minimising non-recyclable virgin materials added to our packaging.

Our Energy supplier purchases and generates 100% renewable electricity. Embracing renewable sources such as wind, solar, and hydropower, we ensure that every unit of energy we consume aligns with our environmental values. Octopus Energy's dedication to sustainability mirrors our own, allowing us to contribute actively to a cleaner planet. By choosing green energy, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also support the ongoing transition to a more sustainable energy landscape.

Our team are offered a cycle to work scheme to keep fit on their commute and leave the car at home. For those that do drive, the first electric car charging ports are due to be installed at our Hemel Hempstead office in 2023 to accommodate Electric and Plug-In Hybrid vehicles. Many of our employees work from home full or part-time which reduces their commuting footprint right down.

We don't want to just protect the planet, we want to contribute positively to it. Ecologi are a reforestation and sustainability company. We subscribe to their 'Climate Positive Workforce' program that funds climate change solutions based on your staff members and their carbon footprint. For more information on our contribution towards tree-planting efforts and to see the projects we have invested in, please click on our profile link above.

We are an albert supplier, the BAFTA supported body for sustainability in film and television. We recognise the large role we play in the carbon footprint of the equipment supply chain for our industry and want to do everything possible to reduce this carbon footprint. Collaborating with both customers and manufacturers, we can utilise our role as an albert supplier to promote technologies that offer more environmentally friendly solutions.