Kupo Grip KSD-1680 Large Sand Bag

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Kupo Grip

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Kupo Grip KSD-1680C Large Sand Bag

The Kupo sand bags are an ideal solution to stabilising equipment such as lighting stand and grip arms. The KSD-1680 bags are supplied empty for economy of space and to allow you to use your preferred anchoring such as sand, shot, washers or lead weights.
The versatility of the bag means it can be drapped over a lighting stand base, or stand leg, or be hung on a countilever arm or grip arm to balance out the counter weight.

  • 3 sizes available
  • Velcro Seal
  • Double Stitching
  • Double handle for ease of use

Dimensions: 36cm x 33cm x 6cm
Construction: Reinforced Double Ply Nylon
Maximum Loaded Weight: 15kg