Kinefinity OLPF FF3 Full Frame Optical Low Pass Filter

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OLPF FF3 Full Frame Optical Low Pass Filter

The full frame optical low pass filter (OLPF) is delicated to MAVO LF. There are two types: standard "light" OLPF FF1, and more complex "heavy" OLPF FF3 with high performance.

The optical low pass filter (OLPF) is set in front of the sensor to block high image frequencies that would lead to artifacts when captured by the sensor. The sharpness of captured images reduced as the OLPF blocks high image frequencies. Thus the optical properties of this filter have been carefully fine-tuned to assure a perfect match between the image content and avoiding aliasing artifacts. "Light" OLPF delivers sharp images, while "heavy" OLPF avoids more Aliasing artifacts.

OLPF FF1 is capable to create sharp images while slightly avoiding aliasing artifacts. As the standard low pass filter pack of MAVO LF in production, it can get better work in most cases and capture high sharpness images.

OLPF FF3 as the whole-new full frame multiplayer optical low pass filter, adopts more complex and high performance crystal crafts to further avoid aliasing artifacts while keeping sharp images. It it delicated to MAVO LF.

Certainly, the OLPF is only a part of the so called low pass filter pack, containing an infrared cut-off filter and the optical low pass filter. IR-Cut can effectively abate the pollution on image from infrared of natural light. The IR-Cut of OLPF FF1 and OLPF FF3 are both designed by delicate crafts to avoid images from infrared pollution. No extra IR-Cut is requried to mount in front of lens.

  • Complex "heavy" OLPF FF3 with high performance
  • Eliminates aliasing / optical artifacts
  • Designed to maintain a detailed 6K image