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Intelligent video solutions for smarter organizations


ProAV are proud to be one of the only UK resellers of the industry leading enterprise video platform, Panopto.

Designed and optimized for seamless video creation, distribution and consumption, Panopto makes every stage of distributing video across an organization easier. The best universities and corporations rely on Panopto's market-leading solutions every day.

For Education

Trusted by 21 of the world's top 25 universities, Panopto is the leading platform for higher education. No other system is as easy to administer or as flexible for students, with searchable lecture's, automatic captioning and interactive courses.

For Business

Panopto is a trusted and secure platform for hosting both internal and external corporate videos. Easily capture presentations, demos, training and events so that your employees can instantly find any relevant moment in any recording and play it back on demand.


You can see LiveU's published list of supported modems here

In order to use multiple internet connections (Bonding) you must subscribe to LiveU's Cloud Bonding Service. This is a yearly cost. In addition to this you also need to pay for sim cards or use liveU’s own data packages available through their website. You can enter the code "solo-proav" to get a 5% discount on these packages.

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