Sachtler SR425 Transparent Raincover

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Sachtler SR425 Transparent Raincover

The SR425 Deca Raincover is specifically designed to protect full-size broadcast cameras like Sony PDW-700 and Panasonic AJ-HPX2700 from adverse weather conditions. The ingenious one-piece design means the cover is extremely easy to install while shooting.

Constructed of transparent polyurethane (TPU) for maximum visibility and black waterproof nylon, the raincover offers quick and easy access to all camera controls. The raincover is roomy enough to allow you to work with the camera's LCD screen fully open. Attaching the viewfinder protector takes seconds thanks to a special waterproof zipper. The rigid front hood section is equipped with a hotshoe connector that anchors and stabilizes the cover on camera.

A front section of lightweight, waterproof propylene board offers a clear view of the camera's tally light. On top of the hood, a 6" ABS track allows for the addition of an on-camera light/and/or wireless receiver. Additional features included a tapered auxiliary sleeve that shields the camera's external microphone.

Key Features:

  • One-piece design for ease of use.
  • Constructed of transparent polyurethane (serviceable up to -20C) and waterproof nylon for maximum visibility.
  • Fast and easy access to all camera features.
  • Quick to install while shooting supporting your workflow.
  • Exterior 6" ABS track allows for addition of mini light while raincover is in use.

Compatible with:-

Grass Valley:- 

  • LDK 3000


  • F3,2,1 38 W/BETA, SK-2000 / P, SK-2700, SK-2700P, SK-2700PW, SK-3000 / P, SK-3100, SK-3300, SK-555, SK-777, SK-888, Z-4000 / W, Z-ONE,A,B,C,D W/BETA, Z-V1A


  • DNS- 21 / W, DNS-201 / W, DNS-33W (EDITCAM), HC390, W/BETA, W/S-VHA, W/MII, W/HI-8, HC400 / W, HDL V90, HDN-X10 (EDITCAM HD), HDS-V10 (GFCAM), HL 395, HL 399, HL 43 / A, HL 45 / A / W HL 43/A, HL 60 / W, HL DV5, HL V55, HL V59, HL V73, HL V75 / W, HL V77 / W, HL V79W, HL53 / A, HL55 /A / NA / Nas, HL57, HL59 / W / WNA


  • 90 WUCL / E / WE, BETA, MLL, S-VHS, DY-70, GY- HM-700 + IDX-FS100 + DR-HD100, GY-DV-5100, GY-DV500 / U / E, GY-DV5000 / U, GY-DV5100, GY-DV700 / WU / WE, GY-HD 251 + IDX-FS100 + DR-HD100, GY-HD110 + IDX-FS100 + DR-HD100, GY-HD111 + IDX-FS100 + DR-HD100, GY-HD200, GY-HD200 + IDX-FS100 + DR-HD100, GY-HD201, GY-HD201 + IDX-FS100 + DR-HD100, GY-HD251, GY-HD7000, GY-X2 W/AB BATTERY ND WIRELESS, GY-X3U W/AB BATTERY ND WIRELESS, JYD 500E, KY-19 W/BR-D40U, KY-27 / KY-29 / D29WECH W/BR-DV10U


  • AG-450, AG-455, AG-456, AG-DVC200, AG-HPX2100, AG-HPX300, AG-HPX3000, AG-HPX301, AG-HPX370, AG-HPX371, AG-HPX372, AG-HPX374, AG-HPX500, AJ-D200, AJ-D210, AJ-D215, AJ-D300, AJ-D310, AJ-D400, AJ-D410 / A, AJ-D700, AJ-D800, AJ-D908, AJ-DP-800, AJ-HDC27HE, AJ-HDX400, AJ-HDX900, AJ-HPX2000, AJ-HPX2700, AJ-HPX3000, AJ-HPX305, AJ-HPX3100, AJ-HPX3700, AJ-PD900 / WA, AJ-PX5000, AJ-SDC615, AJ-SDC905, AJ-SDC915, AJ-SDX900, AJ-SPX900, DVC-200, DVC-200 DVC-PRO, HDC27 / A (VARICAM), HDW-27E, WV-250/350, WV-500, WV-565, WV-70 W/ BETA MLL AG7450, WV-F700


  • 650P XD-CAM HD, BVP-3/ A / W / BETA, BVP-5, BVP-50, BVP-550, BVP-70, BVP-7A, BVP-90, BVP-950 W/BVV-5,E-10, BVW-200, BVW-300, BVW-400, BVW-D600, D-600 D-CAM,D-790XD-CAM, D-970 XD-CAM, DCR- VX9000E, DNW-7 / P, DNW-9WS,90P, DSR 400KB, DSR 450KB, DSR-1, DXC-35 W/ DSR-1, DSR-130P, DSR-135P, DSR-200, DSR-250, DSR-300, DSR-370, DSR-390, DSR-400, DSR-450, DSR-500, DSR-570, DSR-590, DSR-D-600, DVW- 970 / P, DVW-707, DVW-709 / WS, DXC-325, PVW W/ BETA W/HI-8, DXC-327, PVW W/ BETA W/HI-8, DXC-537, PVW, W/ BETA W/HI-8, DXC-55, DXC-D30, 637 W/ PVV-1, DXC-D30,637 W/BVV-5 PVV-3, DXC-D55, D35 W/PVV-3, BVV-5, DNV-5, DXC-PVW637, W/BETA DXC-D35, F330 XD-CAM HD, HDC-1500, HDW-650P, HDW-700A/F, HDW-730, HDW-750, HDW-790 / P, HDW-900R, HDW-F900R, HDW-F950, HVR-S270, HXC-100, HXR-MC2000, MSW-900P(IMX), PDW- 510, PDW-510P(XDCAM), PDW-530, PDW-530P(XDCAM), PDW-700, PDW-F350, PDW-F355, PDW-F800, PMW-320, PMW-350, PMW-400K, PMW-500, PMW-EX330K, SRW-9000, UVW-100


  • 1490 / WSP, 1657 W / SONY / BVV-5, LDK-100, LDK-110, LDK-120, LDK-149, LDK-150, LDK-391, LDK-491, LDK-6000HD, LDK-700, LDK-90 W/BTS BCB-5, LDK-91 W/BTS BCB-5,LDK-93 W/BTS BCB-5,  LDK-9P W/ BTS BCB-5, PDK-537A W/BCB-5,BETA SP
  • One-piece design for ease of use.
  • Fast and easy access to all camera features.
  • Quick to install while shooting supporting your workflow.
  • Exterior 6" ABS track allows for addition of mini light while raincover is in use.