Prolycht Orion 300 FS Kit

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Product Information

Prolycht Orion 300 FS Kit

Film-grade colour spot light
Orion 300 is equipped with a powerful software ecosystem, integrating thousands of film-grade lighting scenarios. Orion 300 supports various control protocols including lighting desk, phone applications and on-board control. The open optical design guaranteed its compatibility with a wide range of third-party optical accessories. Now you are free to colour, free to shape and free to create.

Orion 6D light engine
Prolycht Orion 300 is equipped with the latest 6D colour-mixing technology. The light engine consists of Red, Green, Blue, Amble, Cyan and Lime high power colour LEDs. It abandoned the traditional white+colour mixing solutions - not a single white LED can be found in this new light engine. All to achieve extreme colour purity and ultra high colour quality. The maximum TLCI and CRI rating of Orion 300 is both 98.
Every Orion 300 is strictly calibrated to ensure extreme colour consistency. The average colour shift of Orion 300 is less than 2 SDCM, close to the sensing limits of most cameras.

Refresh your skin tone
The six-dimensional light engine enabled Orion 300's unprecedented flexibility in spectra constricting. The spectra of Orion 300 have been optimised to balance among fidelity, freshness and softness. All to acieve the perfect skin tone representation.

Full-colour screen
While Orion 300 integrated thousands of functionalities in one compact unit, an enjoyable control experience is always Prolycht's priority. Each Orion 300 is equipped with a full-colour LCD screen. No matter you are a lighting profession or a beginner, pick your light from the intuitive user interface and your Orion is ready to shine.

Chromalink App
Group multiple fixtures
Support BLE and wifi
Third-party fixtures can be grouped and controlled by ChromaLink

Various colour modes
CCT, Individual colours, Colour wheel, Gel, Source matching. Dynamical effects.

Changeable optics
Orion 300 is equipped with standard Bowens optical interface, allowing for various changeable optics. By using Prolycht or any 3rd party's optical accessories, you have the full freedom to shape the light the way you want.

Key Features:

  • Dynamical lighting effects
  • Extreme colour quality
  • Ultra bright
  • Wide CCTR range 2,000K to 20,000K
  • Multiple light types
  • Flicker-free
  • Skin-tone adjustment
  • App control
  • 220 AC or 14.8V battery DC feed
  • High colour accuracy
  • Gel database
  • DMX enabled
  • Smooth & Deep dimming
  • Multiple colour modes
  • Dynamical lighting effects
  • Extreme colour quality
  • Ultra bright
  • 1x Prolycht Orion 300 - FS Kit
Optical InterfaceBowens
Light Aperture50mm/1.97"
Power consumption300W~320W
Battery configuration
  • Two V-mount
  • 14.8V batteries
  • Light head 3.5kg
  • Power box 3.2kg
White Light
  • 2,000K ~ 20,000K
  • with Green-Magenta adjustment
Colour quality3200 to 6500K
TM-30Rf 94
Colour modesCCT, Skin-tone*, HSI, individual colour, Gel, source matching, Dynamical effects
Dimming0-100% smooth, with selectable dimming curves
  • 1m 30000lx
  • (standard reflector)
Note*Calibrated white light for skin tone optimisation, integrated in the CCT mode. A standalone customisable skin-tone function is coming soon.