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Price: £9,800.00 - £9,999.99

4 Items

  1. Panasonic UE160 UHD 4K PTZ Camera (Black)
    £11,994.00 £9,995.00
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    2 in stock for Immediate Dispatch
  2. Sony FE 600mm F4 GM OSS
    £11,874.00 £9,895.00
    - +
    Order Now - Usually available to despatch in 7-10 days
  3. Cooke PANCHRO/I Classic FF 21mm T2.2 - PL
    £11,880.00 £9,900.00
    - +
    Not in stock - Usually Delivery 12 Weeks
  4. Kinefinity MAVO Edge 8K Cinema Camera
    £11,998.80 £9,999.00
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    1 in stock for Immediate Dispatch

With so many options available today, finding the right camera and lens set can be challenging. You need to consider image quality, ergonomics, a size that suits your habits, availability of lenses and the latest models within your budget. At ProAV you have access to a wide range of Cameras and Lenses. Including Video Cameras, Stills Cameras, Studio Cameras, Lenses and Lens Accessories