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Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K Cinema Camera

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Our stock is strategically distributed across multiple warehouses to ensure swift processing and delivery. If you require urgent collection and the product is showing in stock , please call us at 01442 292929 or email to check for availability.

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Product Information

Kinefinity MAVO Edge 6K Cinema Camera

Kinefinity announced MAVO Edge 6K, a powerful new full-frame cinema camera. MAVO Edge 6K is equipped with a 6K full-frame 3:2 CMOS imaging sensor and is based on the high-performance computing platform of the MAVO Edge. The new camera features dual native ISO (800/5120) and excellent highlights under various sensitivity settings. MAVO Edge 6K has an internal motorized full-spectrum e-ND filter(0.6-2.4), and integrates industry-standard ports and dual SSD media slots, capable of recording Apple ProRes4444/XQ and uncompressed RAW onto medias based on NVMe M.2 2280 SSD. Weighing at only 3.6lbs, this compact and lightweight camera boasts powerful performance and versatility as it adapts to various demanding shooting scenarios. As other Kinefinity cine cameras, MAVO Edge 6K brings natural color, pleasing skin tones, low noise, high dynamic range and stunning details in organic and delicate way.

Outstanding Highlight Performance with Stunning Image Quality

The MAVO Edge 6K is the latest full-frame camera from Kinefinity since the release of MAVO Edge 8K, and it employs a full-frame 3:2 CMOS imaging sensor which not only shows cleaner images but provides wider viewing angles, shallower depth of field, and more immersive presence. The advanced color processing architecture from MAVO Edge platform creates images with low noise, high latitude, and wide color gamut, then brings stunning details, organic image with exceptional quality.

The MAVO Edge 6K is equipped with dual native ISO, rated at 800 and 5120. While 800 ISO as industry standard, the second native ISO up to 5120 is perfect for low light scenes to obtain a clean image with high latitude and low noise, making shooting much easier and more efficient. MAVO Edge 6K outperforms its predecessor of MAVO LF a lot when it comes to highlight performance. At the industry standard ISO 800, the default highlight of the Edge 6K is 6.0 stops, capturing more highlight details to get more cinematic look. When cine EI mode for more of a traditional cinema camera experience and highlight stops will adjust automatically as the EI changes. At cine EI mode, the second native ISO 5120 is available to achieve super clean shadow details.

Apple ProRes Recording Codec and Uncompressed RAW*

From Apple ProRes422 LT to ProRes4444 XQ and uncompressed RAW codec, the MAVO Edge 6K is capable of recording high-resolution images with high dynamic range with low to zero compression artifacts.

Apple ProRes is a popular intermediate codec created by Apple Inc. Nearly all post-production software in the industry supports editing and color correction with Apple ProRes. The MAVO Edge 6K supports 12-bit ProRes4444XQ in full frame rate and resolution, and it records with Kine LOG3 Gamma to preserve all the dynamic range captured by CMOS imaging sensor. Compared to RAW and other intermediate codecs, Apple ProRes achieves faster workflow in post-production, especially working with workstations running Apple M1 Pro/Max/Ultra chips. It makes proxy-free editing and color correction quick,stutter free and efficient, saving a significant amount of time in post production.

The uncompressed RAW is not debayered in-camera, instead it is stored in the CinemaDNG format, preserving all the image data captured by the sensor. Theoretically, it provides the maximum potential for color correction in post production. Uncompressed RAW footage demands high bandwidth bitrate processing. The MAVO Edge 6K is equipped with a dual SSD slot based on PCIe-3.0 and its record media, blazing-fast KineMAG Nano 1TB, is based on NVMe M.2 2280 SSD, ensuring storing uncompressed RAW stably and safely.

From capturing, color calibration and tuning, encoding 6K ProRes4444XQ or storing uncompressed RAW to M.2 SSD, all these internal high bandwidth processing happens within the compact and lightweight body of the MAVO Edge 6K, quietly.

More Intuitive KineOS Firmware

The MAVO Edge 6K is implemented with the latest KineOS 7.0 firmware, which has a redesigned user interface, and expected touch and tapping interacting with camera. The new KineMON-5U2 and 7U2 with touchscreen monitors help to improve the user's interactive experience and lower learning curve.

The new interface design allows the user to control the entire functionality of the camera using only the touchscreen monitor. Frame rate, shutter angle, ISO, aperture, ND strength, color temperature, LUTs, and audio levels can all be adjusted via touchscreen control, making it easy for cinematographers to set up the parameters quickly.

Besides new UI, the MAVO Edge 6K firmware has come with many features. KineOS 7.0 supports Cooke/i protocol which enables the camera to record and save lens metadata into the footages, speeding up VFX workflow. Recording media also supports both NTFS and HFS file system, for Windows and MacOS.

The MAVO Edge 6K will also implement the pre-recording function in firmware update. It ensures the cinematographer will not miss any shot during unpredictable scenes, providing a useful solution in live events and documentary works.

Compact Camera Body with Internal e-ND filter

MAVO Edge 6K inherits the integrated body design of Kinefinity's flagship product, MAVO Edge 8K which won the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2021. The compact camera body of the MAVO Edge 6K only weighs 1.6kg(3.6lbs), and it is equipped with full-spectrum e-ND filter, dual SDI ports, control ports, and multi-channel audio tracks, as well as powerful wired and wireless functions. The monitoring image from proprietary video ports is independently displayed from SDI outputs at the rear. The video ports can be connected to the Kinefinity touchscreen monitor and micro-OLED viewfinder.

Internal motorized full-spectrum e-ND system: The MAVO Edge 6K employs an internal motorized full-spectrum e-ND system. The e-ND filter ranges from 0.6 to 2.4 and can be adjusted for exposure control seamlessly over all the range, giving the user precise exposure control. The real-time color calibration on e-ND filter brings sharp images with color fidelity but without any drawbacks of traditional variable ND.

Big leap on record media: MAVO Edge 6K is equipped with a dual SSD slot based on PCIe-3.0 and its record media, blazing-fast KineMAG Nano 1TB, is based on NVMe M.2 2280 SSD with writing speed up to 10Gbps. Recording 6K ProRes4444XQ, even 6K uncompressed RAW is stable with KineMAG Nano 1TB. Kinefinity also provides a KineMAG Nano Body for the user to allow to install third-party NVMe M.2 2280 SSDs, which provides different storage possibilities. The body of the KineMAG Nano is equipped with a robust camera port as well as a universal USB-C port, so it allows users to offload data to the workstation at a speed of up to 10Gbps by connecting a USB-C cable to the SSD, without a specific SSD reader.

Dual SDI outputs: The MAVO Edge 6K provides dual 1.5G/3G SDI outputs embedded meta-data and audio, enhancing the compatibility with third-party accessories such as external recorders and monitors that only support 1.5G SDI. The two SDI outputs are the same, but independent from monitoring image over the Kine video ports,. The two proprietary video ports of the MAVO Edge 6K can be connected to the Kinefinity Full-HD micro-OLED viewfinder and the KineMON-5U2/KineMON-7U2 Ultra-Bright (2000 nits) monitor that gives you sharp and clear images even outdoor.

General control ports: There are numerous ports integrated on the MAVO Edge 6K body: timecode port supporting Jam and regular Sync; an RS232 protocol embedding in Lens port for communicating with and controlling third-party accessories, and an RS port for powering and triggering an external record function.

High-quality multi-channel audio record: The MAVO Edge 6K supports four-channel 24bits /48kHz audio recording with a 3.5mm stereo MIC jack and an high-quality in-camera MIC for reference sound. Audio pre-amplifiers with a low noise floor are integrated into the camera body. Two independently controlled 48V phantom powered XLR sockets offer great convenience for field sound recording and even professional audio recording.

Powerful wired and wireless function: With Gigabit Ethernet on RJ45 port, WIFI 5, and type-c USB port, the MAVO Edge 6K can output a monitoring/recording image to other devices by live streaming internal processing H.264 codec. Simultaneously, an internal three-axis gyroscope can record the camera's positioning information and displays as leveling indicator.

Comprehensive power solution: The MAVO Edge 6K offers an innovative hybrid battery plate to accommodate power demands in various shooting scenarios. The hybrid battery plate supports standard 14.8V V-mount batteries like KineBAT PD 75w/150w. It also supports BP-U type batteries like GripBAT 4S to meet the setups that require handheld or gimbal. With UPS Baseplate from KineKit-Edge by Movcam and NP-F550 type batteries like GripBAT 2S can provide UPS to the camera. In addition, MAVO Edge 6K's body offers a standard D-Tap port, 12V RS port, and Lens port (12V) to power the third-party accessories like wireless video transmitters and wireless follow focus systems. These ports eliminate the need for extra batteries, simplifying the camera setup while improving the system's stability.

With the release of the MAVO Edge 6K, Kinefinity has worked with many well-known manufacturers in the industry to provide various high-quality solutions.

Dedicated to high-quality cine equipments for filmmaking, Tilta designed a professional kit for the MAVO Edge 6K that shares a similar design language that Tilta used to build for MAVO Edge 8K system in the spaceship, ensuring capturing every shooting is enjoyable and stable.

Focusing on streamlining camera equipments and accessories for video creation, SmallRig brought a full kit for MAVO Edge 6K. This new product is suitable for shooting on tripods, shoulder, and gimbal, even handheld, providing comprehensive solutions for creators to capture wonderful images.

Kinefinity has also teamed up with Yueliu which is an audio and video collaborative workflow platform, to bring cloud monitoring to cinema camera natively. Compared to other systems, MAVO Edge 6K does not require an external video sampling and encoding device. It instantly streams native high-quality video in H.264 by SRT protocol to the Cloud, then streams to authorized websites, and client App with very low latency, making it possible to monitor live, high resolution footage instantly anywhere and anytime.

MAVO Edge 6K is the latest full-frame 6K cinema camera in MAVO Edge lineup from Kinefinity. It captures stunning images in very high resolution and dynamic range, no matter 6K Wide at 75fps or 4K Wide at 160fps. The new camera is equipped with internal motorized full-spectrum e-ND filter (0.6-2.4), integrated with wireless and industry-standard ports and dual SSD media slots, capable of recording Apple ProRes4444/XQ and uncompressed RAW onto medias based on NVMe M.2 2280 SSD. MAVO Edge 6K with latest firmware KineOS 7.0 not only helps video-content creators to capture incredibly pleasing images but also frees filmmakers from the burden of the traditional cine camera equipments to keep creating, keep moving forward.

  • More Intuitive KineOS Firmware
  • Compact Camera Body with Internal e-ND filter
  • Dual SDI outputs
  • Comprehensive power solution
CMOS Imaging Sensor & Filters
Camera Type Large Format Digital Cinema Camera
Imaging Sensor 6K 3:2 Full Frame CMOS Imaging Sensor
Max Record Res 6016x3984 (Open gate 3:2), 24M Pixels
Frame Rate 6K Wide 0.2~75fps
Active Area 36x24mm, ø 43.3mm
Dual Base ISO Regular Base ISO: 800 (250~2560)
High Base ISO: 5120 (3200~20480)
Latitude >14 stops
Shutter Angle 0.7°~358° with rolling shutter
Lens Mount Native KineMOUNT with Short FFD Adapters: PL/LPL/Active EF/passive E
Optical Filter Replaceable OLPF with UV and IR-cut filter
ND Filter Built-in motorized: Clear and e-ND from 0.6 to 2.4
Resolution, Frame Rate & Optical Format
Full Frame Resolution Frame Rate Codec Active Size
FF 6K 3:2 OG 6016x3984, 0.2~48fps ProRes Active Size:36x24mm, ø 43.3mm
FF 6K 17:9 6016x3172, 0.2~60fps ProRes Active Size:36x19.1mm, ø 41.0mm
FF 6K 2.4:1 6016x2520, 0.2~75fps ProRes Active Size:36x15.2mm, ø 39.1mm
FF 6K HD 5760x3240, 0.2~58fps ProRes Active Size:34.5x19.5mm, ø39.6 mm
FF 6K HD 2.4:1 5760x2400, 0.2~75fps ProRes Active Size:34.5x14.4mm, ø 37.4mm
FF 5K 4:3 5376x3984, 0.2~48fps ProRes Active Size:32x24mm, ø 40.0mm
FF 5K 17:9 5120x2704, 0.2~70fps ProRes Active Size:30.6x16.2mm, ø 34.6mm
FF 5K 2.4:1 5120x2160, 0.2~86fps ProRes Active Size:30.6x12.9mm, ø 33.2mm
FF 5K 6:5 4864x3984, 0.2~48fps ProRes Active Size:29.1x23.8mm, ø 37.6mm
FF 4K OG 3:2 (Oversample) 3840x2672, 0.2~48fps ProRes Active Size:34.5x24.0mm, ø 42.0mm
FF 4K HD (Oversample) 3840x2160, 0.2~58fps ProRes Active Size:34.5x19.4mm, ø39.6 mm
FF 4K HD 2.4:1 (Oversample) 3840x1600, 0.2~75fps ProRes Active Size:34.5x14.4mm, ø 37.4mm
S35 S35 4K 6:5 4096x3432, 0.2~70fps ProRes Active Size: 24.5x20.5mm,  ø 31.9mm
S35 4K 4:3 4096x3072, 0.2~80fps ProRes Active Size:24.5x18.4mm, ø 30.6mm
S35 4K 17:9 4096x2160, 0.2~112fps ProRes Active Size:24.5x12.9mm, ø 27.7mm
S35 4K 2.4:1 4096x1720, 0.2~140fps ProRes Active Size:24.5x10.3mm, ø 26.6mm
S35 4K HD 3840x2160, 0.2~112fps ProRes Active Size:23.0x12.9mm, ø 26.4mm
S35 4K HD 2.4:1 3840x1600, 0.2~150fps ProRes Active Size:23.0x9.6mm, ø 24.9mm
S35 3K 1:1 3072x3072, 0.2~80fps ProRes Active Size:18.4x18.4mm, ø 26.0mm
S35 2K 17:9 (Oversample) 2048x1080, 0.2~112fps ProRes Active Size:24.5x12.9mm, ø 27.7mm
S35 2K 2.4:1 (Oversample) 2048x860, 0.2~140fps ProRes Active Size:24.5x10.3mm, ø 26.6mm
S35 2K HD (Oversample) 1920x1080, 0.2~112fps ProRes Active Size:23.0x12.9mm, ø 26.4mm
S35 2K HD 2.4:1 (Oversample) 1920x800, 0.2~140fps ProRes Active Size:23.0x9.6mm, ø 24.9mm
Other Cropping 3K 17:9 3072x1620, 0.2~144fps ProRes  
3K 2.4:1 3072x1200, 0.2~195fps ProRes  
3K HD 2944x1620, 0.2~145fps ProRes  
3K HD 2.4:1 2944x1200, 0.2~195fps ProRes  
2K 17:9 2048x1080, 0.2~200fps ProRes  
2K 2.4:1 2048x860, 0.2~270fps ProRes  
2K HD 1920x1080, 0.2~220fps ProRes  
2K HD 2.4:1 1920x800, 0.2~290fps ProRes  
Codecs, Colour & Record Media
Record Codec Codec Type Encapsulation Format Bit Deapth Notes
Uncompressed RAW dng 12bits Applicable resolution and frame rate for RAW will be updated following the release of the firmware of MAVO Edge 6K that contains Uncompressed Raw.
ProRes4444XQ Quicktime mov 12bits KineLOG3
ProRes4444 Quicktime mov 12bits KineLOG3
ProRes422HQ Quicktime mov 12bits KineLOG3, ProRes422/LT included
Preview Format H264 mp4 8bits Recording when fps <=30
Color, LUT KineLOG3, Neutral (Rec 709), Support Custom 3D LUT
Record Media Media Slot x2, for KineMAG Nano SSD 1TB based on NVMe M.2 SSD 3rd party NVMe M.2 2280 SSDS are supported via the KineMAG Nano body
Media Size (WxHxL) 1.6x3.5x0.35''/40x88x9mm
Monitoring Proprietary Video Port x2
For Kinefinity Micro OLED EVF Viewfinder
KineMON-5U2/7U2 Ultra Bright Monitor with touchscreen control
3G/1.5G SDI x2 with Meta data (regular BNC)
Audio In & Out
Audio sampling spec Linear PCM, 24bits, 48KHz
Audio input In-cam mono MIC
3.5mm stereo MIC
48V phantom power balanced input x2 (regular XLR)
Audio output 3.5mm stereo audio output
Network & Wireless Interfaces
Wired Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45 type) for live stream, camera control and data transfer
Wireless WIFI 5 for live stream, camera control
3-axis accelerometer
Sync & Control
Timecode Linear TC In&Out (0B5P socket)
Control Lens with RS232, power output (0B6P)
Multi-sync, Control SYNC with RS232 and Kinefinity camera sync(0B7P)
RS Rec trigger input with power output (fisher 3P)
Extention EXT 1&2(for pogo-pin, 8 contacts)
USB USB Type-C x1, can be used for firmware updates and importing custom LUTs
Power In & Out
Power consumption 29W, when 6K HD 25p, liveview
Power Input Integrated V-mount battery plate, V-mount battery or BP-U compatible
DC Input (1B2P), 11~26V
UPS EXT 3(for pogo-pin, 10 contacts)
Power outputs D-tap x1, Vbat@3A
RS x1, Vbat@3A (Shared with D-tap)
Lens x1, Vbat@3A
Construction & Size
Body Material Ultra Strength Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy
Body Weight 3.5lb/1.6kg
Size(WxHxL) 4.1x4.8x4.3"/106x124x109 mm(*w/o protrusion)
Operating Temp 0°C ~ 40°C