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An interview with David Gleeson

Head of Recording at the Royal Academy of Music

The Royal Academy of Music uses a fleet of Panasonic PTZ cameras to orchestrate high production value livestreams that demonstrate the talents of their students to both live audiences and the wider digital landscape.

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15 Years and 250,000 PTZ's sold

Panasonic celebrated their 15th anniversary of their PTZ range by crossing the landmark achievement of selling 250,000 units.
ProAV are proud to have been awarded a Golden PTZ award for our key role in this achievement.

AV Digital World

Experience Panasonic's AV solutions with their interactive online showcase.


By combining a system camera with a PTZ Camera, the AW-UE160 overturns the conventions of the video content industry with its unique style of video production that can be expressed through a variety of shooting techniques, its industry-leading shooting performance with a variety of new functions, and its scalability to support the latest international standards and a wide range of protocols and I/Fs.