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Lighting a TV show, lighting an outside broadcast, lighting a sportscast, lighting a movie set, lighting The Pentagon, lighting The White House, lighting the International Space Station.  These lighting scenarios have one thing in common; they are all lit by Litepanels.


Litepanels® are the original pioneers in LED panel lighting for the television and motion picture industries. Starting with the original 1x1 LED panel, Litepanels has built on the phenomenal success of that light to develop ever-more innovative lighting solutions including: on-camera lights, Fresnels, RGB special effects lighting and advanced wireless control systems to become the first name that gaffers, DPs and cinematographers think of when it comes to lighting with LED.

Gemini Series

Unleash your creative vision and bring high-quality cinematic lighting to your set with the compact and lightweight Gemini RGBWW LED Panel range. Control light precisely from natural white light to fully saturated RGBWW output in an instant; Gemini delivers the ultimate flexibility you need for endless creative lighting options all in one unique fixture. Whether in the studio or out on location, you’ll find a perfect lighting solution in the Gemini range.


White Light LED Panels

Astra is the industry workhorse trusted to deliver exceptional and consistently high-quality white light in a lightweight, tough and dependable fixture. Light enough to hand hold and compact enough to fit into tight spaces, the versatility of Astra makes it the number one choice for DoPs, lighting camera operators and studio lighting designers everywhere.