Atomos Cloud Studio

The future of production

Camera to Cloud

Miles Apart. Connected by Atomos.

Camera to Cloud (C2C) is being used by production teams every day to share footage from the shoot with remote team members. Editors can start work as soon as the footage arrives, and other stakeholders can review and make suggestions. Even if there’s no data connection near the camera, uploading starts as soon as a data link comes into range. Essentially, your media finds its own way home.

Atomos Edit

Edit in a browser. Publish from the cloud.

Atomos Edit is like a Gmail moment for video editing. Find a computer, sign in, and edit. No need for physical storage, software installation, or awkward software drivers. It’s just there. Anywhere. It’s powerful, too, with a familiar layout and the tools you need to edit and deliver quickly.

Live Production

On Air. In the Cloud.

Atomos Live Production is a complete, cloud-based control room for live video and remote collaboration. Broadcast-quality production for live events and multi-camera shoots has never been this accessible, flexible, or affordable.


Seamlessly switch up to 8 camera inputs and a sound mixer for up to 32 channels, as well as transitions, 2 x VT Players, 8 x DVE, 8 x frame players, 1 x HTML5 graphics, still images, PiPs and an integrated global talkback/intercom system.

You can send up to 3 stream outputs to RTMP/S and SRT destinations and provide up to 5 simultaneous remote production monitoring outputs.