Powering cameras, monitors, lights and more.  Premium power with no compromise.

Leading the way in premium mobile power innovation for 50 years, Anton/Bauer has developed a world-leading range of batteries for cameras, monitors, lights and more delivering the perfect combination of consistency, power, performance to reliably run the production gear you depend on.

The Dionic XT and 26V ranges provide consistent and dependable premium power for high performance cinematography while the VCLX NM2 is the freestanding battery solution for feature-length power. The tough and dependable Titon is designed to deliver all-day power for ENG crews to capture breaking news when every second counts. For fast-paced content on the move, the Titon range includes the compact Base and Micro batteries together with an extensive range of accessories.

With the widest range of tools and accessories Anton/Bauer is the perfect mobile power solution.


DIONIC XT is a 14.4V, 12 amp power solution to meet the power requirements for your camera and accessories. Available in 99Wh and 156Wh.

DIONIC 26V is a 26V, 12 amp power solution to run power hungry cameras and lights. Available in 99Wh and 250Wh.


Titon series Lithium-ion batteries are the perfect power choice for broadcast professionals to run cameras, lights and other on-location equipment. From breaking news and live sportscasts to covering extreme weather and major events; Titon power keeps your story moving.

High quality cells in a tough and rugged case ensure that Titon delivers consistent power to even the most demanding users in temperatures from -4F to 140F (-20C to 60C).


Designed to perform on the toughest assignments, we offer two compact power solutions to keep your story moving:

Titon Base portable power hub, deliver hours more runtime than the consumer batteries supplied with cameras in a lightweight, travel-friendly form.

Titon Micro delivers the extended power you need when size and weight is critical, but power is paramount: 

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